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How Can I Help????

There are so many ways young people can help are a few...

1-Adopt a "Grand-friend"

2-Visit a long term care facility or Seniors' Residence

3-Rake leaves, shovel snow, clean gutter or wash windows for a senior citizen

4-Pick up groceries etc for a Senior who can't get out

5-During bad weather, visit seniors to make sure they are ok and have everything they need

6-Pick up the morning paper for a senior, on your way to school

7-Love the mall-help out a senior while you're there

8-Write your "grand-friend" a letter, or even help seniors write some letters

9-Go for a walk with a senior in your community

10-Deliver meals to homebound seniors

11-Teach a senior friend how to use a computer or the Internet

12-Get a group together to entertain at a Long Term Care Facility or Residence

13-Do something creative or festive during the holidays for a Senior(cook a meal, bake cookies, help decorate, carolling)

14-Look into taking your pet to a Facility or Residence

15-Help out with art or craft projects at  a Facility or Residence

16-Offer to read to Seniors

17-Be a phone buddy with a local Senior 

18-Form a clean-up crew and help local seniors with gardening or housework

19-Look into volunteering at a Long Term Care Facility or Seniors' Residence

20-Get involved with The Grandparent Connection and become a Youth Ambassador

Our Goals:


Engage Youth in opportunities to volunteer at an early age and appreciate the senior citizens in our communities while enhancing the lives of senior citizens by providing them with opportunities to share and work with local youth. 


We will be listing here all of the programs involving youth in our community,

how you can get involved and more...check back soon!




Connecting Seniors with people who care.





The Grandparent Connection -2015