What We Do




The Greeting Card Program

We collect signed Birthday, All-Occasion and Christmas cards which we organize and deliver to long term care facilities, seniors' residences and outreach programs for distribution to Seniors who may not otherwise be remembered.  We now have a drop box set up at the Newmarket Seniors' Meeting Place for card donations.  For cards received without signatures we request community involvement and have not been disappointed. This is a year long program and will continue as long as there is a need and we have the card donations to work with.  We have even had elementary school involvement in the signing and making of one of a kind cards and pictures.  These may seem like small gestures but they make a difference.  It is wonderful to be remembered.

Look for Upcoming Info on ""Birthday Bags""

Stockings for Seniors

There are many Seniors in our community who are alone and it can be very depressing, especially at Christmas. Beginning in October we publish a list of possible items and we ask the community to donate some of these which we can use to stuff some Christmas stockings.  We then get together to organize and stuff the stockings which are then distributed to local long term care facilities, seniors' residences and through local outreach programs.  2014 was a very successful year, with over 100 Seniors knowing they are cared about.  Currently, we are only serving Newmarket but hope to eventually expand, with assistance in other communities

Generation Partners

This is an initiative which connects Elementary schools with local long term care facilities and seniors' residences. Once a connection is secured then the planning can begin, from sending cards and pictures, to a possible pen pal program, monthly class visits to the facilities and possible seniors' visits to the schools.  There could be mentoring, or reading buddies or even Adopt a Grandparent programs set up.  The options are endless but can create such an amazing bond between the elementary students and the Seniors involved.  Utilizing the YRDSB's Character Community these initiatives will create some very special moments and will assist these young students when they reach high school. Bonds and connections as these can produce empathetic and caring young people, enhancing our community in so many ways.

Wish Lists

Every Long term care facility and Seniors residence in our community has a wish list-for volunteers, for entertainment, for items etc.  We will be providing updated lists on the website and through Social Media to let our community know how they can help.  If anyone thinks they fulfill a wish they just contact The Grandparent Connection and we will connect them to the residence or facility.  Our goal is to receive monthly, updated Lists from all of the facilities involved so we can post and promote.  The more information we can get out into our community the better.  

Youth Ambassadors

This program will see High School students gain their community hours and some amazing feel good moments when they come together to help out at special events and functions in local Long term care facilities and seniors' residences. We would like to see a few groups of students who would be available to assist as needed.  From these groups we may get a few students who would be willing to volunteer individually and also volunteer for some special event organized by The Grandparent Project as well. This would be an ongoing volunteer program and an easy way to complete their Community Service hours requirement during their high school years without too much interruption. 

The Granny Blanket Project

My mum makes Granny Blankets

and everyone in our family has one.  

They are warm and comforting

and in our first Christmas gift 

distribution we included a number

of lap-sized Granny Blankets.  

These were such a hit with Seniors that we  will be setting up the Community project.  We will be looking for donations of wool and volunteers to knit squares and then assemble these comforting lap blankets. We will look to community groups, community members and to even set up knitting programs at Seniors' Residences to help us out.  We will then decide if these blankets will be distributed at Christmas or through the year  to be used as possible birthday gifts.  


Community Connections

We will keep community members informed of any initiatives  and all positive results through social media and this website.  We may ask  the community, from time to time, for assistance with some of our projects, advise them of any volunteer opportunities, or to be part of The Grandparent Connection Committee.  We believe that, just like "it takes a village to raise a child" it takes a Community to help our Seniors.  


We also do some outreach for Seniors in our community, usually when notified by neighbours


Special Events

We have some great ideas for special events that The Grandparent Connection can organize or being involved in.  We will have many opportunities to promote our group and everything we're trying to do but, at times, we may need supplies or volunteers and even further promotion.  We will utilize every means available to us to let the community know about any even we are running or attending.  Check this website, our FB page and we are working on a Twitter account.  We currently host the Old Fashioned Christmas Craft Show(2nd Annual to take place on November 12, 2016 at the Community Centre, NewmarkeT) and we are working on a special Inter-Generational Dance "Flashback to the Forties"-details to follow

Business Partners

We have been very fortunate with local

businesses offering their assistance but wewant to expand this involvement.  We are hoping, through social media and emails etc. that we can advise local businesses of events where we could use their assistance, whether in services or goods, and also by helping us promote our projects or even allow us to set up a drop off for donations.  We hope to form lasting relationships with local businesses and will promote any involvement with huge thanks.



Connecting Seniors with people who care.



Senior Connections


A searchable Facebook group for businesses and community groups who provide goods and services to Seniors in our community



We are currently working on some new initiatives but like all good things, it takes time!

"Floranthropy"-donated flowers made into individual arrangements and delivered to lonely Seniors in the hospital, residences, long term care facilities and the community


"Helping Hand"-a program where community members donate medical/physical assistive devices, such as wheelchairs and walkers, which can be made available to local Seniors for short term use (up to 6 months) at very little cost (ie:$5) to cover admin and insurance costs


"Hospital Helper"-a program where we will raise funds to purchase TV rental time for  Seniors in the hospital who have no family or visitors or have been transferred from a facility and have no way to arrange the rental


***Non Profit Status is COMING***



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