Links & Information

-links to local, provincial and national organizations that offer information and assistance to Seniors

-links for special events

-information relevant to Seniors and their caregivers

-links specifically for our community

-other ways you can make a difference

-links and 'shout-outs' to local businesses who have helped us (they are all awesome)

...and anything else we can think of.....

Available Services and Programs and Volunteer  opportunities too!


Neighbourhood Network


CHATS-Community and Home Assistance to Seniors


Home Repair for Independent Living


Community Care Access Centre-York Region


Newmarket Seniors' Meeting Place





Government Grants, Funding and Income Tax Deductions and Helpful Information


Seniors Information-Ontario


Ontario Seniors' Secretariat




Priorities for delivering safe and supportive long term care in Ontario


Ministry of Health-Long Term Care





Advocacy Centre for The Elderly





Connecting Seniors with people who care.





The Grandparent Connection -2015