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December 19, 2014

The final drops are completed. 94 stockings, assorted gifts and a multitude of Christmas and All Occasion cards have been delivered to Alexander Muir Retirement Residence, Eagle Terrace, Newmarket Health Centre, Mackenzie Place, CHATS, Neighbourhood Network and two other local organizations It's been quite the ride but such a wonderful one. 

A huge thank you to Sutton Group Future Realty, The Fresh Tea Shop on Main, Good Vibes on Main and the Newmarket Farmers Market for allowing us to set up drop locations for all of the stocking stuffers. To everyone who volunteered throughout this project-thank-you for your precious time at this busy time of year. To Robyn Guest Smith and the residents at Alexander Muir Retirement Centre and the ladies of Xtreme Outlaws Cheerleading for helping us with our Stocking Stuffing Party. And, especially, to all of the wonderful community members and students who signed cards and made donations. To all of you, and you know who you are, you deserve so much more than the thanks we can offer here. Your efforts and thoughtfulness will be bringing smiles to more than 100 seniors in our community. You should all be very proud-I know I'm proud of all of you and the community in which we live. 

This is just the beginning of The Grandparent Connection. We have so many initiatives in mind and will be working year round to continue to bring smiles to seniors. We have a major project in the works with Music For Memories.I will be posting more about that, setting up our official website, and organizing a committee for anyone interested in the New Year (after my condensed "long winter's nap") Until then I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very, very Merry Christmas and THANK-YOU!!!!!!!

December 29, 2014

Are you interested in being a member of The Grandparent Connection??? We are in the midst of planning our first Committee Meeting at the end of January. Anyone interested in becoming involved in any of our initiatives please let us know and we will advise you as to when the meeting will take place.  This is a great way to help give a smile to a Senior.

February 12, 2015

Valentines for Seniors was a great success.  Students at Rogers Public School, Prince Charles Public School and Pickering College Junior School all made beautiful Valentines and even some community members got into the spirit by dropping off Valentines at the drop box set up at The Fresh Tea Shop.  Well done in Keswick too with students from W J Watson P.S. spreading the love!!!


January 27, 2015

The Grandparent Connection is Branching Out, to KESWICK.  A big welcome and even bigger thanks to Michelle Foley and friends for implementing some of our initiatives in Keswick, starting with "Valentines for Seniors" and who knows where this could lead.  Welcome Michelle!!!!

January 28, 2015

"Valentines for Seniors" is in full swing with a few schools already involved.  A drop box has been set up at The Fresh Tea Shop on Main Street for any community members who want to send a Valentine.



Connecting Seniors with people who care.




The Grandparent Connection has been chosen as the February 2015 recipient of $1000 by The Awesome Foundation-Newmarket. This is amazing and we are so appreciative.  This money will be used for our Youth connection programs and we are already planning.  So much to do.....We thank The Awesome Foundation for their support and our wonderful community for it's continued interest.  We've only just begun!

We have a Blog!!!


Check out our new Blog "A Senior Moment"  We will impart information, share articles, welcome guest bloggers and even answer some questions.  We think it's a great addition to our toolbox.  Check it out..


An Old Fashioned Christmas Craft Show


Our first Craft Show was a succcess-fun was had by all and we are looking at hosting another show for 2016-more news on this to follow. So much planned for this show with amazing vendors, the Christmas Cafe, entertainment, prizes and surprises-November 12, 2016-Newmarket Community Centre and Lions Hall.....




2016 **Stockings For Seniors**

Our first donation drop will take place at the Old Fashioned Christmas Craft Show on Nov 12th at the Newmarket Community Centre

Next-at the Tree Lighting Parade on Main Street on Friday, November 18th 6:30pm


Next-we'll be at Books, Cafe and Things-on November 24th at 7pm...sipping amazing hot chocolate.

From "Stockings for Seniors" to  "Birthday Bags"

Although we enjoy our Stockings for Seniors program we are making some changes.  After discussions with Life Directors and Programmers at local long term care facilities and Seniors' residences we have determined that there are many organizations, churches, community groups and individuals who give so kindly at Christmas.  This is wonderful but there doesn't seem to be much involvement during the rest of the year.  As such, we have decided that, for now, we won't run the Stockings for Seniors program but, instead, we will be implementing a "Birthday Bag" program.  We will be gathering new items of need and for fun and will be in touch with all of these residences to get numbers each month of residents who would benefit from a Birthday smile or two.  We are currently working out all of the logistics and will update here and on our Facebook page how this will be done.  Can't wait to provide smiles year round.



The Grandparent Connection -2015